What is this blog about?

This blog is where I can share what I have learned as an executive without fear of recriminations.  This is where I can tell you what it’s really like in the rooms where senior executives make decisions.  For over a decade I have worked in the executive suite and I’ve seen hundreds, no thousands of decisions being made that affect tens of thousands of workers and drive billions of dollars in revenue.  And I think I have learned some valuable lessons about how big organizations should and more importantly shouldn’t work, what goes into a good decision and what strategies help drive those decisions, and I will also try to translate those lessons into insight about how our democracy could be better served if those lessons could be translated into American politics.

This is the inside story of how business works in all of it’s glory.

I only ask a few things from the readers of this blog.

  1. Comment all you want but lets keep the trolling to a minimum.  If you have something substantive, please contribute.
  2. Please don’t try and unmask my identity.  I would like to keep my job.
  3. If you want to comment about political subjects, please feel free to do so here, on FB, or Twitter, but not on LinkedIn.

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