About Me

I’m a mid-career executive with over ten years experience in the executive suite.  I’m between forty and fifty years old which means I’m young enough to understand the digital natives (millennials) and I remember what is was like before everyone had a computer…or even a cell phone like the rest of the digital immigrants.

I have worked in technology, business, and the public sector in a wide variety of disciplines including R&D, product planning, marketing, sales, operations, business operations and IT.

I have been married for over twenty years and have several children who are just a few years away from college.  I’m writing this blog because I think there are some misperceptions about how things work at the executive level and I would like to explore them as well as pass on best practices about how to lead a modern organization well.

That’s not my picture and I may or may not live in New York City as is says on my FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, but rest assured I’m a real person who does work in the executive suite and the lessons are real.